Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wine and Chili

I loved red wine. My friend Carolyn shares this love. Husband does not. I know nothing about wine. I'm not swirling my glass, smelling, sipping, looking at the color. I just drink the stuff. Adn like it. A lot. Last night I purchased a bottle of Frey Vineyards Organic Cabernet Sauvignon. DElish!! check out their site here and try it. Not only is it organic but there its vegan, with no sulfites added. I'm so anxious to try their other wines now!

One last recipe link - The other night I made Isa's recipe for Tempeh Chili Con Frijoles from the Post Punk Kitchen site, served with a pan of fresh, homemade cornbread - yum. I loved this chili and husband liked it alright. He missed the meat, tempeh not doing the trick for him. The recipe is here

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