Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 questions

I've been tagged to post "10 questions you've asked yourself today". At first I thought I hadn't asked myself any question really but then realize, I do this constantly, throughout my day, silently wonder things to myself. SO here goes.

1. Can you still buy those radios that you have to crank to get to work? They are from god knows when, way back is all i know - and my coworker Lenny (who happens to be around 87 or so!) uses his daily to hear the stock market report at lunch. I hear the cranking, and keep wondering - wonder if you can still buy them? ebay maybe?

2. What is my sister doing right now, at this very moment? I know she's in Russia, picking up Ashley but what exactly right now? Filling out paperwork, holding Ashley, sleeping maybe? not sure of the time difference.

3. Is there any way I can leave work early today... ? Hmmm ....

4. Will we have a white christmas? I want one of course but not a big one because we'll be traveling... but a white christmas is always a nice touch.

5. Why does a frozen pizza put on the front of the wrapper - "Made with 100% real cheese!" like its something to brag about? I threw one in the oven for husbands dinner last night and noticed this - what? So what does that mean if the label Doesn't say that? whats that white shredded up stuff on 'those' pizzas...?

6. Why do i have to call the dentist back either way? They always call to remind me of my appointment and want me to call back to confirm or cancel. It should only require a call back for canceling. And if i don't call at all - do they hold my spot? hope so!

7. Is it raining? I look out the window. I'm really wanting/needing to walk on my lunch break but am a wimp about walking in the rain, especially if its cold!

8. Why doesn't Abram sleeping thru the night anymore? While I was off for 5 months he almost always slept thru the night. But now that I'm back at work fulltime and waking up at 4:30am 4 days a week, he's decided getting up at 1am is a new little habit he's trying out... sigh.

9. Will I keep producing enough breastmilk? The kid is eating like a madman these days and even though i'm pumping 3 times a day on work days and even a couple times on the weekend, i can barely keep up with him! and he's even eating strained foods too.

10. Should I even go to the dentist tomorrow morning? Its going to be morning mix of snow/sleet... maybe i should cancel? Well then i definitely need to call them back!

I'm supposed to tag someone but nahhh, just repost your 10 questions if you wanna;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Pictures

April shower brought us May flowers and November snow brought us 60 degree December days? Very Puzzling. But it sure wasn't 60 degrees the day Michelle and family came over to take pictures and have dinner. It was cold and windy and well, not outdoor photo weather! But Abram loves the wind (and he loved the twig michelle was waving at him ha) so he was grinning away for family photos! Michelle posted some previews on her blog and if you are lucky enough to get a christmas card from us, you'll have a hard copy. I say Lucky Enough, meaning i start them and then get lazy and stop (well not lazy but otherwise occupied?). So pray your card is on the top of the stack:) (BTW, you can also check out michelles site for more photography info! She rocks:)

But again, its 60 degrees here today so I walked during my lunch break. Felt so great to get out, exercise, and feel the warm breeze:) Plus, we got the memo we are not allowed to sleep on our lunch break at our desks. LOL. Thank god i'm not pregnant anymore.

On Whats cookin - I have two big containers of Tofu from trader joes and i'm at a lose about what to do with it. Theres always tofu scramble, add it to smoothies, blah blah - but i wanted something different. Husband had ZERO suggestions:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"How was your weekend?"

"OH SO busy! I am so tired! Whew!" She says this to me every monday usually. The coworker who loves to go on and on about how 'busy' she always is, with practically no time to breathe. She will ramble on telling me all the 'busy-ness' and how stressful it is to be that busy and wow, she wishes she weren't so busy.

"Well, stop doing so much," I suggest one day, after enduring yet another countless story about the 'busy-ness'. This seemed like a very simple resolution to me. You are busy and find it stressful. Therefore reduce stress by eleminating all the extra 'stuff'. Its how i operate. So i only assume others would do the same. I take much time to breathe on the weekends. Gather myself. Lay in bed a little longer. Snuggle next to my husband a bit more. Cuddle with my kid. Pet the dogs a little more. and get outdoors. Relax. It is so easy to get caught up in the busy mode of life. We vowed to not do so, no matter what life throws us.

"Pft. Oh, I can only wish!" She states.

"Well... I mean does your son really want to be involved in 3 sport activities at the same time? Does he really enjoy all of them? Plus the music lessons?" I ask.

"OH He loves it. He does! Icouldn't possibly make him choose!"

I considered asking why not. But instead offered a puzzled look, and returned to my work.

Theres her, whom I dearly love but enough with the 'busy' stories. And then there is him. I avoid him. He rambles endlessly to himself about work and other nonsense all day long. He tracks other workers as if he were in charge.

"I can't believe Shea isn't in yet..." He fumes to me, as if he were in charge of Shea.

"Oh. Hm." I refrain from saying more.

"This is ridiculous! He didn't call off so who knows when he'll waltz in here! He comes in later and later... but what are ya gonna do!?" His face getting redder.

I merely nod.

Him. Tracking other coworkers hours. Fuming about work before the day barely begins. When asked a question he yells "Who wants to know?!!!", "WHY?" or he rambles loudly about something ridiculous and then eventually answers after a couple minutes. He has no sense of humor, usually getting pissed at jokes because he thinks its seroius. Him who sits by me. Lovely.

At one point maybe i was a little too obvious in my dislike of him. I know he sensed it. Mean of me, well not mean. But not exactly nice. So while I was pregnant, he began bringing me a water from the store next door.

"Let me pay you for that," I say to him on day 4 of water.

"No no. Its no big deal," he refused.

"I'm okay. Really. You don't have to buy me water. Honest. But thank you. Really. Thank you." I stuttered.

He kept buying the water. Every. Single. Day. I would bring water from home. Yet he still came back from his daily trip to the store at lunch, water bottle in hand. I began to feel uncomfortable with this. I went through a series of thoughts until I went out on maternity leave. I offered to pay him again. He refused. Do I owe him a case of water now? Is it enough to just say Thank you? I wish he would let me pay him. Maybe I should bring him cookies? Will I return from maternity leave, unable to even see my desk because its covered in water bottles?

Maybe he was just trying to win me over. I'm not sure but whatever it was, it worked. I like him now. He's still annoying. But i like him.

My coworkers. Love them and all the entertainment they give, and dinnertime stories i'm able to then tell husband. Sometimes i really do feel like i'm working at "The Office" or am caught up in a Seinfield Episode.

This week, I've been lovingly nominated to the decoration committee... and the competition is getting heated. Judging is today at 10:30. Back to the task at hand.

PS - after desperately needing a quick healthy breakfast to toss in my bag for work, I made the full meal muffins from the vegan lunchbox blogger. So easy, healthy, and a perfect breakfast for me. Husband liked them but asked me to add about a cup of sugar lol. Clearly, he prefers the sugar-laden muffins, which these aren't. "That would UNhealthy them!" I say. He interupts me before i finish with "I KNOW I KNOW. NOT Healthy".