Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Pictures

April shower brought us May flowers and November snow brought us 60 degree December days? Very Puzzling. But it sure wasn't 60 degrees the day Michelle and family came over to take pictures and have dinner. It was cold and windy and well, not outdoor photo weather! But Abram loves the wind (and he loved the twig michelle was waving at him ha) so he was grinning away for family photos! Michelle posted some previews on her blog and if you are lucky enough to get a christmas card from us, you'll have a hard copy. I say Lucky Enough, meaning i start them and then get lazy and stop (well not lazy but otherwise occupied?). So pray your card is on the top of the stack:) (BTW, you can also check out michelles site for more photography info! She rocks:)

But again, its 60 degrees here today so I walked during my lunch break. Felt so great to get out, exercise, and feel the warm breeze:) Plus, we got the memo we are not allowed to sleep on our lunch break at our desks. LOL. Thank god i'm not pregnant anymore.

On Whats cookin - I have two big containers of Tofu from trader joes and i'm at a lose about what to do with it. Theres always tofu scramble, add it to smoothies, blah blah - but i wanted something different. Husband had ZERO suggestions:)


Kirsten Turner said...
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Kirsten Turner said...

Thanks for the comment on Grayson aka Chubby Love! Abram is adorable!!! I love his blue eyes. I read through your profile on here and it looks like we have a lot in common. Where did you go to school in Shelby?

Vicki said...

I LOVE the photos! I better get one :-). Did you cut your hair or is pulled back? Either way it looks really, really cute! What a beautiful family!

EL said...

Kirsten - I went to college at Gardner Webb University. Where did u go?

Vicki - I'll probably send you a photo ha. and yes, MAJOR haircut - 13 inches and bangs too! first time i've had bangs since ohhh 6th grade?! i like the haircut pretty good - aaron LOVES it... its just really um short! ha

Mountain Woman said...

Sixty degrees! You are so lucky. We're headed to six below. I don't have any good toful recipes but I do enjoy it.
Have you considered putting a "follow this blog" widget in your sidebar? I'd love to follow you.