Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 questions

I've been tagged to post "10 questions you've asked yourself today". At first I thought I hadn't asked myself any question really but then realize, I do this constantly, throughout my day, silently wonder things to myself. SO here goes.

1. Can you still buy those radios that you have to crank to get to work? They are from god knows when, way back is all i know - and my coworker Lenny (who happens to be around 87 or so!) uses his daily to hear the stock market report at lunch. I hear the cranking, and keep wondering - wonder if you can still buy them? ebay maybe?

2. What is my sister doing right now, at this very moment? I know she's in Russia, picking up Ashley but what exactly right now? Filling out paperwork, holding Ashley, sleeping maybe? not sure of the time difference.

3. Is there any way I can leave work early today... ? Hmmm ....

4. Will we have a white christmas? I want one of course but not a big one because we'll be traveling... but a white christmas is always a nice touch.

5. Why does a frozen pizza put on the front of the wrapper - "Made with 100% real cheese!" like its something to brag about? I threw one in the oven for husbands dinner last night and noticed this - what? So what does that mean if the label Doesn't say that? whats that white shredded up stuff on 'those' pizzas...?

6. Why do i have to call the dentist back either way? They always call to remind me of my appointment and want me to call back to confirm or cancel. It should only require a call back for canceling. And if i don't call at all - do they hold my spot? hope so!

7. Is it raining? I look out the window. I'm really wanting/needing to walk on my lunch break but am a wimp about walking in the rain, especially if its cold!

8. Why doesn't Abram sleeping thru the night anymore? While I was off for 5 months he almost always slept thru the night. But now that I'm back at work fulltime and waking up at 4:30am 4 days a week, he's decided getting up at 1am is a new little habit he's trying out... sigh.

9. Will I keep producing enough breastmilk? The kid is eating like a madman these days and even though i'm pumping 3 times a day on work days and even a couple times on the weekend, i can barely keep up with him! and he's even eating strained foods too.

10. Should I even go to the dentist tomorrow morning? Its going to be morning mix of snow/sleet... maybe i should cancel? Well then i definitely need to call them back!

I'm supposed to tag someone but nahhh, just repost your 10 questions if you wanna;)


michelle said...

screw the dentist :)

and i bet u could keep up with breastfeeding if you would give your kid more food to eat! i know how u like to starve that poor boy ;)

Mountain Woman said...

I enjoyed the questions that are running through your mind.
My dentist doesn't keep the spot if you don't return the call.
I sure wouldn't venture out in bad weather to have my teeth cleaned or worked on. It's bad enough when it's nice out.
As to breast milk, just keep on pumping and feeding and it will come. I sure miss those days because I could eat anything in sight and I just kept getting thinner and thinner.
I do hope you get your white Christmas.
Thanks for adding the "follow me" widget :)

Julia said...

The night times are always a tough decision with kids. I had kids who were feeding once or twice at night until 7 months then started sleeping better. I really had to train them in the end to sleep through the night. But now with potty training they wake up to pee so I am totally screwed again...but go back to sleep immediately. By next year at this time I am hoping to have the night to myself again... It is hard being a mom, especially a working one!