Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 questions

I've been tagged to post "10 questions you've asked yourself today". At first I thought I hadn't asked myself any question really but then realize, I do this constantly, throughout my day, silently wonder things to myself. SO here goes.

1. Can you still buy those radios that you have to crank to get to work? They are from god knows when, way back is all i know - and my coworker Lenny (who happens to be around 87 or so!) uses his daily to hear the stock market report at lunch. I hear the cranking, and keep wondering - wonder if you can still buy them? ebay maybe?

2. What is my sister doing right now, at this very moment? I know she's in Russia, picking up Ashley but what exactly right now? Filling out paperwork, holding Ashley, sleeping maybe? not sure of the time difference.

3. Is there any way I can leave work early today... ? Hmmm ....

4. Will we have a white christmas? I want one of course but not a big one because we'll be traveling... but a white christmas is always a nice touch.

5. Why does a frozen pizza put on the front of the wrapper - "Made with 100% real cheese!" like its something to brag about? I threw one in the oven for husbands dinner last night and noticed this - what? So what does that mean if the label Doesn't say that? whats that white shredded up stuff on 'those' pizzas...?

6. Why do i have to call the dentist back either way? They always call to remind me of my appointment and want me to call back to confirm or cancel. It should only require a call back for canceling. And if i don't call at all - do they hold my spot? hope so!

7. Is it raining? I look out the window. I'm really wanting/needing to walk on my lunch break but am a wimp about walking in the rain, especially if its cold!

8. Why doesn't Abram sleeping thru the night anymore? While I was off for 5 months he almost always slept thru the night. But now that I'm back at work fulltime and waking up at 4:30am 4 days a week, he's decided getting up at 1am is a new little habit he's trying out... sigh.

9. Will I keep producing enough breastmilk? The kid is eating like a madman these days and even though i'm pumping 3 times a day on work days and even a couple times on the weekend, i can barely keep up with him! and he's even eating strained foods too.

10. Should I even go to the dentist tomorrow morning? Its going to be morning mix of snow/sleet... maybe i should cancel? Well then i definitely need to call them back!

I'm supposed to tag someone but nahhh, just repost your 10 questions if you wanna;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Pictures

April shower brought us May flowers and November snow brought us 60 degree December days? Very Puzzling. But it sure wasn't 60 degrees the day Michelle and family came over to take pictures and have dinner. It was cold and windy and well, not outdoor photo weather! But Abram loves the wind (and he loved the twig michelle was waving at him ha) so he was grinning away for family photos! Michelle posted some previews on her blog and if you are lucky enough to get a christmas card from us, you'll have a hard copy. I say Lucky Enough, meaning i start them and then get lazy and stop (well not lazy but otherwise occupied?). So pray your card is on the top of the stack:) (BTW, you can also check out michelles site for more photography info! She rocks:)

But again, its 60 degrees here today so I walked during my lunch break. Felt so great to get out, exercise, and feel the warm breeze:) Plus, we got the memo we are not allowed to sleep on our lunch break at our desks. LOL. Thank god i'm not pregnant anymore.

On Whats cookin - I have two big containers of Tofu from trader joes and i'm at a lose about what to do with it. Theres always tofu scramble, add it to smoothies, blah blah - but i wanted something different. Husband had ZERO suggestions:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"How was your weekend?"

"OH SO busy! I am so tired! Whew!" She says this to me every monday usually. The coworker who loves to go on and on about how 'busy' she always is, with practically no time to breathe. She will ramble on telling me all the 'busy-ness' and how stressful it is to be that busy and wow, she wishes she weren't so busy.

"Well, stop doing so much," I suggest one day, after enduring yet another countless story about the 'busy-ness'. This seemed like a very simple resolution to me. You are busy and find it stressful. Therefore reduce stress by eleminating all the extra 'stuff'. Its how i operate. So i only assume others would do the same. I take much time to breathe on the weekends. Gather myself. Lay in bed a little longer. Snuggle next to my husband a bit more. Cuddle with my kid. Pet the dogs a little more. and get outdoors. Relax. It is so easy to get caught up in the busy mode of life. We vowed to not do so, no matter what life throws us.

"Pft. Oh, I can only wish!" She states.

"Well... I mean does your son really want to be involved in 3 sport activities at the same time? Does he really enjoy all of them? Plus the music lessons?" I ask.

"OH He loves it. He does! Icouldn't possibly make him choose!"

I considered asking why not. But instead offered a puzzled look, and returned to my work.

Theres her, whom I dearly love but enough with the 'busy' stories. And then there is him. I avoid him. He rambles endlessly to himself about work and other nonsense all day long. He tracks other workers as if he were in charge.

"I can't believe Shea isn't in yet..." He fumes to me, as if he were in charge of Shea.

"Oh. Hm." I refrain from saying more.

"This is ridiculous! He didn't call off so who knows when he'll waltz in here! He comes in later and later... but what are ya gonna do!?" His face getting redder.

I merely nod.

Him. Tracking other coworkers hours. Fuming about work before the day barely begins. When asked a question he yells "Who wants to know?!!!", "WHY?" or he rambles loudly about something ridiculous and then eventually answers after a couple minutes. He has no sense of humor, usually getting pissed at jokes because he thinks its seroius. Him who sits by me. Lovely.

At one point maybe i was a little too obvious in my dislike of him. I know he sensed it. Mean of me, well not mean. But not exactly nice. So while I was pregnant, he began bringing me a water from the store next door.

"Let me pay you for that," I say to him on day 4 of water.

"No no. Its no big deal," he refused.

"I'm okay. Really. You don't have to buy me water. Honest. But thank you. Really. Thank you." I stuttered.

He kept buying the water. Every. Single. Day. I would bring water from home. Yet he still came back from his daily trip to the store at lunch, water bottle in hand. I began to feel uncomfortable with this. I went through a series of thoughts until I went out on maternity leave. I offered to pay him again. He refused. Do I owe him a case of water now? Is it enough to just say Thank you? I wish he would let me pay him. Maybe I should bring him cookies? Will I return from maternity leave, unable to even see my desk because its covered in water bottles?

Maybe he was just trying to win me over. I'm not sure but whatever it was, it worked. I like him now. He's still annoying. But i like him.

My coworkers. Love them and all the entertainment they give, and dinnertime stories i'm able to then tell husband. Sometimes i really do feel like i'm working at "The Office" or am caught up in a Seinfield Episode.

This week, I've been lovingly nominated to the decoration committee... and the competition is getting heated. Judging is today at 10:30. Back to the task at hand.

PS - after desperately needing a quick healthy breakfast to toss in my bag for work, I made the full meal muffins from the vegan lunchbox blogger. So easy, healthy, and a perfect breakfast for me. Husband liked them but asked me to add about a cup of sugar lol. Clearly, he prefers the sugar-laden muffins, which these aren't. "That would UNhealthy them!" I say. He interupts me before i finish with "I KNOW I KNOW. NOT Healthy".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wine and Chili

I loved red wine. My friend Carolyn shares this love. Husband does not. I know nothing about wine. I'm not swirling my glass, smelling, sipping, looking at the color. I just drink the stuff. Adn like it. A lot. Last night I purchased a bottle of Frey Vineyards Organic Cabernet Sauvignon. DElish!! check out their site here and try it. Not only is it organic but there its vegan, with no sulfites added. I'm so anxious to try their other wines now!

One last recipe link - The other night I made Isa's recipe for Tempeh Chili Con Frijoles from the Post Punk Kitchen site, served with a pan of fresh, homemade cornbread - yum. I loved this chili and husband liked it alright. He missed the meat, tempeh not doing the trick for him. The recipe is here

Where and What

Where have I been. What have I been doing. All good questions. As I look back since my last post, the answers are a blur of ... baby stuff, work stuff, and other stuff. All good stuff but as i said, a blur. Folks always say, time goes so quickly once you have kids. Agreed. I ponder back on these 6 months since the kid joined us on this earth... just 'yesterday' he was barely ever awake, needed constant head support, and woke often thru the night for food or just some mom-time. and 'now' he fights off naps, independently holds up his head and wants to sit up on his own, and snoozes 12 hours a night. Its all good stuff. But he needs me a little less - already. Time - going so quickly.

Where I have been? Work. Back to the reality of earning a living. paying the bills. paying for daycare. It feels good but doesn't all at the same time. The weekends - I soak up as much of the kid as i can because monday-thursday, I suffer withdrawl of him. His smell. His grin. His laugh. His baby mohawk. How he looks while sleeping. His babble sounds. Just Him:)

What have I been doing? Again work. Mom stuff. Kid stuff. Occassionally some cooking and reading. My two hobbies. Husband and I have this hobby discussion often.

"You have too many hobbies", I tell him.

"Theres no such thing as too many hobbies", He responds.

"Yes, there is. They consume too much of you, too often. And you are obsessed with all your hobbies."

"Obsessed - no. Its called interested."

"Okay, DEEPLY interested. But its a bit out of hand. First it was the bonsai trees and all the bonsais you had to buy, along with the supplies, tree food, books about them. Then Pearl Jam. Your fanclub membership. ALL their CD's. and then the CD's of all their concerts - its the SAME songs! Then the metal detector. The one you had wasn't good enough so you had to get a better one with more stuff. Rods. Coils. Then a couple websites you needed to join to talk with other detector people. OH and now its football season and the pittsburgh steeler games you can't miss. Like i said, too many hobbies!"

"You don't like that i have hobbies? Maybe you don't get it because YOu don't have any hobbies", he states.

"I don't mind that you have hobbies. There are just so many of them. And they're so time consuming. And, i DO have hobbies!"

"What are your hobbies?"

"Well..." LONG PAUSE.

"See?!? You need a hobby! Lets think of a hobby for you."

"No... I have hobbies. I like to read. I like to cook," i tell him.

"Why don't you do them? If they are your hobbies and you enjoy them... then you Do those things."

"Hello. I'm busy! Baby. Work. More Baby. More work."

"And when you aren't doing those things?"

"I'm asleep", I laugh.

So I vowed to him to spend a little more time doing my 'hobbies'. Even if that means some chores have to wait.

I finished reading "When Bad things Happen to Good People" which until page 100 i mistakenly thought was titled "WHY Bad things Happen to Good People". Somewhere around page 100, i said to self, 'this guy is nowhere close to answering his own title!' and glanced at the cover. Oh. WHEN bad things... Oh. Well. I began reading it for the WHY but, finished it anyway. Good. But not great. Now I'm reading "Peace Like A River" or am I? Does it count as actually reading if you've only read 1 page? I say it does. hopefully with the holiday weekend, i'll sneak in some reading time. And maybe buy a new book called "Moose" by Stephanie Klein.

I cooked up some new recipes lately. We're always whipping up homemade salad dressings because we eat a salad every night. Some recipes we loved, some husband hated and i just liked and others we agreed, weren't worth making again. The 'not worth making' ones i won't waste time writing about. A few of the good ones -

Chickpea Cutlets from the Veganomicon cookbook. I loved these!! Husband didn't end up trying them because of - well not sure why. Go Figure. Click here for this yummy recipe.

Hemp Omega Caesar Dressing from Kristens Raw. We both loved this dressing and agreed it was a nice change from our usual vinegarette. Recipe here

A 'recreated' Annie's Woodstock Dressing from Musings from the Shire blog. I love Annie's Woodstock Dressing in the bottle but it ain't cheap! So i attempted to recreate it with this recipe. I loved this dressing but didn't feel it was as good as the bottle, but still really good. Husband said it had too much soy sauce. So the second time i made it, i used half as much. Better. Recipe here

Red Jumble Crumble from the Urban Vegan. We both Loved this one! Its dessert so of course we did. Will definitely be making again and again. recipe here

Savory Shiitake Saute from the newly updated VegNews website. Loved how easy this was and we both really liked it. I did double the amount of mushrooms it called for and was glad i did. those shrooms shrink! Careful not to cook noodles too long - we did and it wasn't as good as if they were al dente. but for our first time using this type of noodle, we just didn't know how fast they cooked! husband even ate these leftovers a couple times for lunch. Click here for the recipe.

Mac n Cheese from VegNews again. I loved this one and husband said it was just okay. If i hadn't told him what was in it, i think he would have loved it. but he couldn't get past the fact there was one little potato in a pasta dish. I will definitely make it again though - great flavors. Recipe here

So, I dove into my hobbies as best I could considering I have a full time job, baby, two dogs, a house, chores, and well, there is the need for sleep. Husband asks where the clean works shirts are and i replied, still in the dirty clothes. He looks at me puzzled. I remind him I'm focusing more on my hobbies, less on chores, as he encouraged me to do. "Oh right", he nodds.

I plan on buying a couple new books (or getting a few for christmas!) as well as some new cookbooks that are meatless (again, christmas) so i don't have to veganize meaty recipes. Despite diving into my hobbies, the past two nights husband has eaten veggie burgers.

"I guess I'll have a veggie burger with chips again," he mumbles as he stares into the fridge, holding the door wide open.

"I didn't want to shop this weekend because we're leaving Thursday morning early," i remind him.

"Yea, but we do need to eat until Thursday."

"Theres plenty of stuff in the freezer."

He pushes past all the frozen bags of breastmilk, slowly naming off what he sees... "Frozen bananas, raspberries, apples, blackberries, a pie crust, veggie burgers, edamame, lima beans, peas, corn, vegan sausage... how can they call it that? sausage. I mean, its not." He sighs as he pulls out the veggie burgers. I remind him they're healthier, we have whole wheat buns, and be glad i didn't make lentil burgers.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just When...

One of my all time favorite songs is by The Weepies, entitled "The World Spins Madly On". The summary of the song is that monumental things happen in your life, as do little minor things, and the everyday world continues to happen around you. You birth a child, the rest of the world still goes to work and gets off at 5 to head home and make dinner. Catastrophic loss hits your family and the sun still rises, awaking the world to 'just another day'. As 'the world spins madly on' its easy to feel a bit lost sometimes. So just when... just when you think no one is thinking of you - whether its during your purest joy, your deepest sorrows, or just another day - remind yourself that someone is always, always thinking of you, even if you don't realize it. Just when you start to feel overwhelmed by the everyday little things that can bombard you, a bright spot opens up, and you are thankful for the friends that surround you, literally or in spirit.

Running errands this week with the kid has been challenging. He's very content and for that i'm thankful but its the juggling that gets me. He, all 14 lbs of him, and his carrier, all 10 lbs of that - weighs me down. Mid week i make my trek to "The Farm" store for locally grown produce. I lug him into the store and place him safely by the veggie stands as I plan to bag up my items. Oops, forgot the cloth bags I swore I would stop forgetting to use! Back to the car. Grab cloth bags, readjust the kid in his carrier, begin shopping - again. After purchasing a few bags worth of produce, I realize, i have too much to carry. Somehow I manage to gather all things, including the kid. Carrying that 24lb bulk on the left and too many bags on the right, I stumble out the door and wham, immediately knock over a beautiful elevated wire handmade rack displaying mums... Ok. No big deal. Deep breath. Just put everything down. Reassemble the display. The kid looks on as I set the rack back up, grasp the mum gatherings to put back in pots. Don't grab too tightly or the mold of the roots will crumble, dirt scattering everywhere. Sigh. Okay, all done, reassembled and almost, well sort of, just like it was. Hands covered in potting soil as I grab my cloth bags and the carrier, stumbling onto the car. Breath. Whew.

Now onto the grocery for the rest... But after my challenge at the last stop, i reason with myself saying, ' We don't really need that now do we? nah... that can wait...' and 'why is that on the list? what does husband need that for?' and other excuses to not really shop. The checkout girl rolls her eyes as I hand over my cloth bags. "They don't fit in the turning bag stand" she states, somehow implying that she can't bag my groceries apparently. Clearly, without proper use of the turning bag stand, its just not possible. O-K. Hm. "Oh, no problem I can do it," I offer. No response. As I begin to pay and move the cart forward, she spots the kid. "Ahh I didn't see the baby!" she exclaims, turning friendly and chipper. "Aww, how old?" "15 weeks," I mumble flashing a brief smile. Now she likes me. Babies bring out the good in folks I guess...

I drive home, hands on the potting soil covered steering wheel, wondering why babies bring such smiles from people. Is it the innocence, and freshness to babies? the new life? the little miracles they are? or the sweet smiles and soft little faces? My little kid ahh... my heart surges love for him, unexplainable, deep love. I think of the daycares we've been touring, in preparation for my return to work. Doomsday is Oct 22 and the thought of leaving him with strangers for entire days is slightly frightening, to say the least. I'm filled with dread thinking of that day. I glance in the backseat, seeing the kid doze in the sunlight.

Pulling into the abandoned neighborhood, I'm reminded all my neighborhood friends are at work and husband will be in class the next two nights, arriving after me and the kid are in bed. A twinge of loneliness hits me. Its been a month since girls ngiht out with my girlfriends. Note to self - start planning this months girls night out before this month is over! Pulling into the driveway, I spot a box on the doorstep. Not expecting anything, I assume husband has ordered something but nope, my name is the addressee!

After lugging in my bags, the baby, and the box, I dig in. Ahh the thoughtfulness of friends. And the timing of its arrival. So Just When... I was having a slightly roughed up day, I'm reminded what great friends I have. How thoughtful they are. And how just when I felt a bit alone, there was someone there, brightening my day. The box made my day - didn't matter what was in it! I then thought of how I can do the same for those I care about...

I'm surrounded now by others who I need to reach out to as well. Someone going thru a divorce. One who lost her daughter to a tragedy. Another returning to work after maternity leave. Someone getting married. A pregnancy. Adoptions. Troubles with children. Through Joys and Sorrows - its always good to feel loved. Whether its someone celebrating your happiness with you or relating to your sadness.

I tell husband of my care package as we prepare to head out another day. We open up the front door to its usual squeak and creak of the door. I'm trying to tell husband of my week, and the package. He half listens as he digs in the closet for something.

"Where is that WD-40?!" he asks. "I had it on the grocery list."

"Oh, i shrug... I think they were out," I lied. We head out for WD-40 and other 'forgotten' grocery items.

"And there it was... the bright spot of my day," i go on telling him. I go on to say how its so nice to know someone was thinking of you and sent a little hello to brighten your day.

'I need to do more of that' I tell him, 'for other people too.'

"Thats nice hon," he says, barely paying attention. "Um, why are our cloth bag handles so dirty?? what have you been buying with these things!?"

My Husband - great companion. Love of my life. Easily distracted.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Chocolate - Again

While I've already admitted that I'm a complete chocoholic - I forgot to mention i'm always surfing the web for lowfat or fat free chocolate dessert options since i just can't give it up. I watched Emeril on the green network prepare some damn good looking brownies that were fat free (if you leave out the chips and believe me you don't need them!) and VEGAN. I made them based on his recipe which you can view at

Things I did differently - left out the vegan chocolate chips and used white whole wheat flour instead of the rice flour. I didn't need to be gluten free which is why he used rice flour. I also only baked for 30 minutes instead of the suggested 35-40 - why? i like gooey brownies!! I've tried a lot of fat free brownies, low fat brownies, dairy free vegan brownies, etc. adn honestly, to me, these were the best rather 'healthy', if we can call it that, vegan brownie i've made yet.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost September

Amazing that it's almost September... the weather here has already turned fall-ish and its husbands favorite season. I love it as well and it reminds me of our trip last fall up to CT for kayaking in Windsor. That was before I knew I was pregnant with the boy - our last trip before i knew... We hope to go back to New England this year - but hopefully the second weekend in December for Wassail Weekend in Woodstock, VT. I've always wanted to go and this year we vow to make it happen! 

August has almost passed me by and with the boy in my life, it goes so quickly. He is 14 weeks old now and his growth is amazing. More amazing is watching his little personality develop. His first smile, then now frequent smiles. His first laugh (not that long ago!) which is becoming a bit more frequent. I love being a mom to him - I would never have thought i would say i love being a mom but i sure do. He's amazing... and adorable, and all the fabulous words i can think of to describe him. 

The end of July I made a trip home to see my parents/papaw. Also got to see my aunts and my brother/his family. Had a great visit with everyone and loved the time with each and every one. We also spent two weekends in Waynesburg with husbands family. First for a wedding that Husband was in. Second for a cousins bridal shower. Lots of travel and lots of fun. Now i'm trying to plan one more trip to TN before i go back to work. 

When am i going back to work? Mid-Oct i suppose. Though I would like to push it till the first of Nov. We will see. Financially its a BIG stretch. Mentally we would feel better waiting till then. Staying at home with the boy was an adjustment but now we are into such a routine. My friend Kimberly (just lives up the street) and I walk with our boys. Her boy is 1 month older than mine and we can compare notes, stories, and even complaints. 

Husband is back to school for the fall... three classes. three nights he won't be home. When i work, i don't mind those nights really. Its my time. But being at home all day and him getting home so late those nights, we sure miss him. 

Totally off point here - but i don't like Rachael Ray's haircut. I preferred it long. I also am starting to find her slightly annoying. Especially after she was snippy to that sweet blonde girl on "Food Network Star". 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Its July... april showers brought May flowers as i mentioned before... and a baby! Yes, we welcomed our newest addition, a 6lb, 12oz, 20 inch long, precious boy. He emerged on the 21st of May and our lives are forever changed. We had weeks that were a blur afterward, a flurry of visits from family and friends. Then they all disappear and return to their normal lives and we are still here with this new little human being. I'm home with him for 16 weeks, until Sept 22 and being a temporary stay at home mom is an adjustment. But i'm adjusting. and cooking. cleaning a little, not as much as i should, taking care of our boy, our dogs, paying the bills despite our tight budget, and getting a little sunshine when i can. 

I now have time to cook up new recipes, experiment in the kitchen, and eat a healthier, heartier diet. Husband isn't as thrilled with most of my recipes as i am (all vegan, and some raw) but i must brag, he always tries them. Husband does eat healthier these days though and he feels better and looks better for it. We both slack on the exercise front... i love to be active, be outdoors, and break a sweat yet, calling it exercise or hopping on a treadmill is ever difficult for me. But if its a brisk walk with the dog, a game of tennis, a yoga or pilates class - i love it. The walk with the dog is possible these days. the game of tennis - not really, with the boy and husband being my only tennis partner. and the yoga/pilates classes have a pricetag attached so thats on hold. 

I'm making a return trip to TN for a long overdue visit... i haven't been home since christmas... over 6 months. I'm anxious to return to my roots, my papaw, mom, dad, my house, papaws house, my forever friends, the laid back country, my hometown, my comfort... theres just such comfort in that place. I couldn't ever live there again... but its still the most comfortable place i'll ever know... and i can't wait to step back there for a week. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I'm such a chocolate lover... just don't know how i could ever give it up! Even while pregnant and not having a sweet tooth, i somehow still manage to want chocolate! Help... ha

Monday, April 7, 2008

April Showers...

The good ole saying "April showers bring May flowers" better be true... here near Philly, we've been having 'April' showers since December and i can't wait for the clouds to break so spring can truly arrive! It's not freezing cold anymore but more like cold and damp with frequent rain. Personally, its downright depressing. With winter behind us (as well as my pregnancy sickness) I'm very anxious to enjoy some spring like weather with the hubby and dogs before our newest addition is born. About 8 more weeks to go till the kid arrives:)

Since the holidays - thanksgiving/christmas - we haven't traveled out of town - not even to nearby areas such as DC, Baltimore, the Pocono's, NYC, nowhere. Husband is trying to save his time off for when the kid is born and I have taken to not wanting to travel far. This is odd for us. Normally, once winter breaks, or sometimes before, we are on the highway... to TN, Pittsburgh, maybe to SC, up to NYC... we love traveling, the dogs in tow when we can. Guess the kid is already slowing us down maybe... ? Not sure.

Nelly had a birthday in January - she is 6. Sammy had his in February - he is 7. These numbers start to scare me... my little babies are growing old. Especially with Nelly being purebred Boxer, i don't know that she will live as long. Both are still rowdy, playful, and hyper, not letting their age hold them back from a thing... sammy is still the boss, deciding when and if they will play or sleep. nelly follows his every move, playing when he does, sleeping when he does. She would be lost without him. He loves her equally but doesn't like to show it haha...

Had a visit from my parents in March... so nice to have company... be with family. Husband's parents are nesting over in western PA, admidst lots of family drama, that though entertaining and interesting, i won't be posting here. Upcoming plans? A college friend AHB is coming up next weekend and I can't wait to grab lunch together, gushing and gossiping like the old days. Other friends from central PA will be out in a couple weeks - mini baby shower get together.

Then its onto husbands birthday and our 7th anniversary. yes 7 years. wow. 7. its amazing how fast its gone yet i also feel liks its been longer. I can't imagine life without husband. He's such a part of me, who i am, my being. I love him in ways i can't explain... i feel so utterly thankful. I'm still on the fence on his birthday gift and if we will travel for our anniversary as we usually do. I ask husband, "what is your favorite food, like that you would want for your birthday?" Pizza. 'what?! you want me to take you out for pizza for your birthday?! good grief.' So who knows where we will end up dining!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This blog has been wildly abandoned, as I have taken to writing (well mostly complaining) on my pregnancy blog... somehow, pregnancy has taken over my life the past several months. In the beginning, I was determined to continue my travels, even more vigorously than before, and maintain a very social, active existence throughout the entire pregnancy. Yet, battling constant morning sickness makes these goals very difficult to achieve. I did well at first but since our trip to DC, my motivation to keep so active has truly dwindled.

November 17 and 18, My friend C and I went on a trip to Woodstock, NY for a Citizen Cope concert. He came to Philly the month before but we managed to talk one another into a roadtrip to upstate New York. Naturally, on the 17th as I packed my bag, the weather channel chatted in the background... I picked up on "several inches of snow for the catskill area..." What? C had nicely agreed to drive, considering my car is a heap of junk these days (yet a heap of junk I really don't want to fix but would be heartbroken if it died - ironic i know). I ring her up... "Did you hear the prediction?" She hadn't. I fill her in and we debate a bit, should we? shouldn't we? It's probably nothing... but, who knows... it could be bad... hmm.

After much debate and many worthless phone calls to one another, we agree to go, despite the fact we're leaving two hours later than desired. The drive up was great. We used to work together and got to chat most everyday, but these days, at different jobs, our chat time is more limited to emails, phone calls, and the occasional gettogether. We checked into our hotel in Fishkill. Dinner was Japanese and I drooled over C eating sushi as I had to stick to cooked foods. The concert was at the Bearsville Theater. A great show and he performed solo acoustic. Coming back on sunday was more visiting and a beautiful drive through big, luscious, white snowflakes in Jersey. A great trip and nice girl time...

C was surprised at the news I was pregnant... and i have since kept her up to date with all the latest woes of my condition as well as the exciting things like feeling the baby move.

Since our trip to Woodstock, I have done very little in the line of being social. We did travel for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. I was able to attend our usual NYE get together at T&S's house which is all the way across the street... haha. I hope to improvement my 'socialness' very soon and get back to my old self again. This pregnancy is bringing me down... and i want to get back up again!