Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost September

Amazing that it's almost September... the weather here has already turned fall-ish and its husbands favorite season. I love it as well and it reminds me of our trip last fall up to CT for kayaking in Windsor. That was before I knew I was pregnant with the boy - our last trip before i knew... We hope to go back to New England this year - but hopefully the second weekend in December for Wassail Weekend in Woodstock, VT. I've always wanted to go and this year we vow to make it happen! 

August has almost passed me by and with the boy in my life, it goes so quickly. He is 14 weeks old now and his growth is amazing. More amazing is watching his little personality develop. His first smile, then now frequent smiles. His first laugh (not that long ago!) which is becoming a bit more frequent. I love being a mom to him - I would never have thought i would say i love being a mom but i sure do. He's amazing... and adorable, and all the fabulous words i can think of to describe him. 

The end of July I made a trip home to see my parents/papaw. Also got to see my aunts and my brother/his family. Had a great visit with everyone and loved the time with each and every one. We also spent two weekends in Waynesburg with husbands family. First for a wedding that Husband was in. Second for a cousins bridal shower. Lots of travel and lots of fun. Now i'm trying to plan one more trip to TN before i go back to work. 

When am i going back to work? Mid-Oct i suppose. Though I would like to push it till the first of Nov. We will see. Financially its a BIG stretch. Mentally we would feel better waiting till then. Staying at home with the boy was an adjustment but now we are into such a routine. My friend Kimberly (just lives up the street) and I walk with our boys. Her boy is 1 month older than mine and we can compare notes, stories, and even complaints. 

Husband is back to school for the fall... three classes. three nights he won't be home. When i work, i don't mind those nights really. Its my time. But being at home all day and him getting home so late those nights, we sure miss him. 

Totally off point here - but i don't like Rachael Ray's haircut. I preferred it long. I also am starting to find her slightly annoying. Especially after she was snippy to that sweet blonde girl on "Food Network Star". 


Christinahh said...

Elizabeth! It took a little sleuthing, but I figured out who you are :) Thanks for your comment and congratulations! Motherhood is a pretty complicated joy, huh? Good luck going back to's tough but it can be done. Your little Abram is beautiful!

EL said...

Thanks!! We're in love with him. And your little girl is just such a cutie pie:) Too adorable!!