Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Its July... april showers brought May flowers as i mentioned before... and a baby! Yes, we welcomed our newest addition, a 6lb, 12oz, 20 inch long, precious boy. He emerged on the 21st of May and our lives are forever changed. We had weeks that were a blur afterward, a flurry of visits from family and friends. Then they all disappear and return to their normal lives and we are still here with this new little human being. I'm home with him for 16 weeks, until Sept 22 and being a temporary stay at home mom is an adjustment. But i'm adjusting. and cooking. cleaning a little, not as much as i should, taking care of our boy, our dogs, paying the bills despite our tight budget, and getting a little sunshine when i can. 

I now have time to cook up new recipes, experiment in the kitchen, and eat a healthier, heartier diet. Husband isn't as thrilled with most of my recipes as i am (all vegan, and some raw) but i must brag, he always tries them. Husband does eat healthier these days though and he feels better and looks better for it. We both slack on the exercise front... i love to be active, be outdoors, and break a sweat yet, calling it exercise or hopping on a treadmill is ever difficult for me. But if its a brisk walk with the dog, a game of tennis, a yoga or pilates class - i love it. The walk with the dog is possible these days. the game of tennis - not really, with the boy and husband being my only tennis partner. and the yoga/pilates classes have a pricetag attached so thats on hold. 

I'm making a return trip to TN for a long overdue visit... i haven't been home since christmas... over 6 months. I'm anxious to return to my roots, my papaw, mom, dad, my house, papaws house, my forever friends, the laid back country, my hometown, my comfort... theres just such comfort in that place. I couldn't ever live there again... but its still the most comfortable place i'll ever know... and i can't wait to step back there for a week. 

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