Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday dinner and wishes...

My original plans of a day in NYC with husband ended up axed. I clicked thru our many weather channels the week before, hoping for one to give me some hope. Hope that the weather would be lovely. Lovely and bearable for a saturday in January. I had someone to watch the kid already lined up. I could practically taste my dinner at candle 79. well at least envision it. smell it. ahhh. It would be our first outing without the kid. And though i dreaded leaving him, I was looking forward to walking the streets of NYC, going into stores without pushing a stroller or carrying his massive carrier, and eating a long slow meal without asking for the check before I had even taken my last bite.

"Do you think one will tell you something vastly different from the others?" husband asks as I go to channel 101, instead of 49. 49 was not sounding good. 101 may give me some hope.

"Maybe! I mean, not everyone reads that little doppler thingy the same. The digital read on 101 may be different than Jim Cantori on 49. He's not the expert," I say.

Husband flips open his mac saying "lets settle this right now," and goes onto at least three weather websites in a matter of 3 minutes. No more channel flipping for me.

"See? They all basically say the same thing. Ice. Snow. More in NYC than here. and a lot of wind. We can try it if you want, but I don't think its going to be enjoyable. Honestly. We should postpone or make other plans," He tells me.

"Postpone?! to when?! Michelle is busy. she can't just watch him on a whim. And i mean, its winter. There isn't really a good time to postpone TO."

"We'll go in the spring then. It will be warmer. Nicer. Lets do it then."

"But then its not my birthday. and i know there is no way you will agree to eat at a vegan restaurant, in NYC no less, unless its MY birthday. Otherwise, you'll say its unfair for me to ask you to eat vegan food because you will go hungry. So unless its MY birthday, you either A. won't do it, or B. do it and give me a lot of grief, therefore ruining my meal. The meal I really really want and - "

"I will be FINE with it. I promise," he interjects. "Really. it will be YOUR day. even if its July. we'll go eat at this hippy podunk vegan joint you're so desperate to go to and i'll eat whatever and act like i like it, ok? I promise."

"Fine. I'll hold you to it." I respond, still pouting.

"So, what do you want to do instead?" He asks.

Eye roll. "YOU are supposed to do that. plan something. for me," I whined.

"So let me get this straight. You planned a day for us to have to ourselves in NYC, kid free, for your birthday. Those plans are out. AND Now you're annoyed that i'm wanting to know what you want to do instead, because I should be planning it myself, when i didn't even plan it in the first place...? is this right?" he asks, puzzled a bit and obvoiusly trying to make a point.

"Ok Fine. You have a point," I admit. "But now that my plans are out. You take over. and make it all better."

What did we end up doing? Husband took me to Lemongrass in King of Prussia, PA. I'd been yaking about this place for ages, wanting to try it, not even real sure where it was, but husband wasn't sure if he'd like thai food and so we always ended up somewhere else when we were in that area. But - we loved it! Awesome food. Their tofu and vegetable pad thai rocked the house. and husband liked whatever crap he ordered too ha. and our little man, the kid, was along and loved the place as well. He sat in a highchair like a big kid, watched the waitress in amazement, and was a little angel the whole time. And husband knew a perfect way to finish out our evening - he took me to whole foods for vegan cupcakes and treats:)

So, did i have a good birthday? Yes. Husband did good. Another year older. Another year ahead of me to look forward to. I anticipate great things! Next birthday is 30 - yikes! But i'm excited. Me and my BFF Robin are making major 30th birthday celebration plans and I can't wait! We're not talking meeting up for a nice dinner and getting our nails done. We're talking, go on a trip, leave the kids with husbands, and poof! girls gone wild! No No - this is misleading, clearly! How about Girls Gone Away! girls gone away for a long weekend of relaxin' and good ole fun:)

"Well, did you have a good birthday hon?" he asks.

"Oh yea, it was great. And the best part? knowing you had to do it all again in July."

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Worst Foods of 2009

I eat healthy. Or so i think. Try. After reading this list, I realize that, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just don't know when you're eating out. Thankfully, majority of the stuff on this list, i wouldn't order in the first place. But YIKES. The blimpie veggie supreme is out to kill me! And an order of PF Chang's Tams Noodles is equal to 42 Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnut Holes. Yep. Fact. And thank goodness i don't go to baskin robbins - ever. This place takes the cake, err ice cream, with the absolute worst food of 2009. So, being on a tight budget, we vowed to eat in, aka actually cook it ourselves and eat at home, much more. This list gives extra incentive since at home we control exactly what goes into our food.

Click here for the scary list!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Details of 2009

7 days into 2009 and i'm still mulling over my NY Resolutions, debating of what they will be and limiting myself to only 3. I usually plan my resolutions, putting thought into them days before DD, yet this year, between traveling, the kid, illnesses, and well other chaos that i forget, the resolutions didn't even cross my mind till January 1. Me, never one to rush to any decision (i'm barely able to make decisions actually! this way... maybe... no no, that way, wait, bad idea? hmmm), began to think of some 'goodies' to aim for this year. and am still thinking. maybe one should be to make firm quick decisions? some scoff at the idea of resolutions bt I view it as a chance to set a few simple goals, better myself in some way, and start things off with a fresh beginning. suggestions are welcomed. I clearly need some help!!

Cooking details of 09. NY Day I did not cook the usual greens, black eye peas, sauerkraut, and other traditional concoctions i made last year. Come to think of it, I can't even recall what we ate. I have since made two things from the vegnews website - the gingerbread cake and the holiday nog. Sadly I did not even get to sample the cake! bummer! I made it as a treat for my friend Carolyn who was dog sitting for us during our holiday travels. Her report on the cake - LOVED it. So it's on my to make list for ME. the pic of the cake on vegnews' website shows it with a yummy looking frosting (but no recipe for that, unfair!) but i just dusted it heavily with powdered sugar. i whipped up a half batch of the holiday nog this past sunday and loved the flavor. This couldn't be passed off as eggnog to some unsuspecting soul but it still a yummy healthy drink with lots of flava flave! and i was surprised by its creaminess. It sure ain't low-cal though! the scales were for sure tipping a bit heavier the next morning. Gulp! I received a new cookbook for christmas and am psyched to try a few recipes over the weekend! Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. You can buy this from for only 13.16 - no tax and free shipping. Yahoo!

Work details of 09. She is still oh so busy. Can you imagine her busy-ness over the holidays?! Incredibly ridiculous how busy she was! So busy, that she fell ILL, not sure regularly ill but so sick she can't even explain! and is just now starting to feel human again. Imagine! and He is still ranting and inspecting. just yesterday, me having been in the door 30 seconds, he questioned me if kate ever came in last friday. i paused. trying not to answer.

finally i said, "umm... not sure".

"not sure?" he says. "how are you not sure? i left at lunch. you were here all day."

I eventually gave in, shaking my head no but stated i don't like being put in this position and questioned about coworkers.

"Oh i know i know! I mean, I don't care! Really. Why should i care! I don't! I was just curious, ya know! I mean, hey, if the boss don't care, I don't care! ya know?!"


As of Jan 20 I am being reassigned to a new team, temporarily for 18-24 months. I volunteered to work on implementation of ERP and was selected! I think its a great opportunity to advance my skills here at work and am anxious for new tasks, tiring of the same ole same ole ones I've been plugging away at here for the last 2 1/2 years. Change is good. This does mean not sitting by Him. or working with Her. Or the others that i've yet to write about here. But I can return here after the end of my temp duties if i wish. time will tell.

Family Details of 09. The kid is heavier, taller, laughs more, and grabs, err should i say Lunges!, at any/every thing he thinks he might want. He brings such pure and simple joy to me. for that i am so thankful. my 09 looks even brighter by having him. husband is still by my side. loving me in the new year and preparing to be a full time student. we've been curling up at night, catching up on Big Love Episodes on demand, after the kid is asleep, preparing for (finally!) the launch of season 3 this month! It's the only show we both like so I look forward to that time, our time, to gasp at Nikki's spiteful behavior, Margie's funny mistakes, and Bill's bare butt, which somehow works its way into every episode! ugh. enough of his ass already. he ain't hot!