Monday, April 7, 2008

April Showers...

The good ole saying "April showers bring May flowers" better be true... here near Philly, we've been having 'April' showers since December and i can't wait for the clouds to break so spring can truly arrive! It's not freezing cold anymore but more like cold and damp with frequent rain. Personally, its downright depressing. With winter behind us (as well as my pregnancy sickness) I'm very anxious to enjoy some spring like weather with the hubby and dogs before our newest addition is born. About 8 more weeks to go till the kid arrives:)

Since the holidays - thanksgiving/christmas - we haven't traveled out of town - not even to nearby areas such as DC, Baltimore, the Pocono's, NYC, nowhere. Husband is trying to save his time off for when the kid is born and I have taken to not wanting to travel far. This is odd for us. Normally, once winter breaks, or sometimes before, we are on the highway... to TN, Pittsburgh, maybe to SC, up to NYC... we love traveling, the dogs in tow when we can. Guess the kid is already slowing us down maybe... ? Not sure.

Nelly had a birthday in January - she is 6. Sammy had his in February - he is 7. These numbers start to scare me... my little babies are growing old. Especially with Nelly being purebred Boxer, i don't know that she will live as long. Both are still rowdy, playful, and hyper, not letting their age hold them back from a thing... sammy is still the boss, deciding when and if they will play or sleep. nelly follows his every move, playing when he does, sleeping when he does. She would be lost without him. He loves her equally but doesn't like to show it haha...

Had a visit from my parents in March... so nice to have company... be with family. Husband's parents are nesting over in western PA, admidst lots of family drama, that though entertaining and interesting, i won't be posting here. Upcoming plans? A college friend AHB is coming up next weekend and I can't wait to grab lunch together, gushing and gossiping like the old days. Other friends from central PA will be out in a couple weeks - mini baby shower get together.

Then its onto husbands birthday and our 7th anniversary. yes 7 years. wow. 7. its amazing how fast its gone yet i also feel liks its been longer. I can't imagine life without husband. He's such a part of me, who i am, my being. I love him in ways i can't explain... i feel so utterly thankful. I'm still on the fence on his birthday gift and if we will travel for our anniversary as we usually do. I ask husband, "what is your favorite food, like that you would want for your birthday?" Pizza. 'what?! you want me to take you out for pizza for your birthday?! good grief.' So who knows where we will end up dining!!

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