Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This blog has been wildly abandoned, as I have taken to writing (well mostly complaining) on my pregnancy blog... somehow, pregnancy has taken over my life the past several months. In the beginning, I was determined to continue my travels, even more vigorously than before, and maintain a very social, active existence throughout the entire pregnancy. Yet, battling constant morning sickness makes these goals very difficult to achieve. I did well at first but since our trip to DC, my motivation to keep so active has truly dwindled.

November 17 and 18, My friend C and I went on a trip to Woodstock, NY for a Citizen Cope concert. He came to Philly the month before but we managed to talk one another into a roadtrip to upstate New York. Naturally, on the 17th as I packed my bag, the weather channel chatted in the background... I picked up on "several inches of snow for the catskill area..." What? C had nicely agreed to drive, considering my car is a heap of junk these days (yet a heap of junk I really don't want to fix but would be heartbroken if it died - ironic i know). I ring her up... "Did you hear the prediction?" She hadn't. I fill her in and we debate a bit, should we? shouldn't we? It's probably nothing... but, who knows... it could be bad... hmm.

After much debate and many worthless phone calls to one another, we agree to go, despite the fact we're leaving two hours later than desired. The drive up was great. We used to work together and got to chat most everyday, but these days, at different jobs, our chat time is more limited to emails, phone calls, and the occasional gettogether. We checked into our hotel in Fishkill. Dinner was Japanese and I drooled over C eating sushi as I had to stick to cooked foods. The concert was at the Bearsville Theater. A great show and he performed solo acoustic. Coming back on sunday was more visiting and a beautiful drive through big, luscious, white snowflakes in Jersey. A great trip and nice girl time...

C was surprised at the news I was pregnant... and i have since kept her up to date with all the latest woes of my condition as well as the exciting things like feeling the baby move.

Since our trip to Woodstock, I have done very little in the line of being social. We did travel for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. I was able to attend our usual NYE get together at T&S's house which is all the way across the street... haha. I hope to improvement my 'socialness' very soon and get back to my old self again. This pregnancy is bringing me down... and i want to get back up again!


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