Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Travel!

The moment we met, we became instant best friends in college. Sometimes you just met those people who the moment you met - you know you are going to be instant, great friends. That's how it was with R. R and I are such similar people it amazes me sometimes. We fret over the same things, act silly in the same ways, and have taken similar paths in life. Our personalities vary and we react differently to some things, but majority of the time, we see eye to eye.

About 6 months ago we planned to attend GWU Homecoming - back to our old university to relive a few great memories and a great excuse to get together. Life has gotten in our way and though we talk often, we haven't seen each other nearly as much as we would like. I flew down to Charlotte on Oct 26, early in the AM, and R picked me up with her little boy. He is the spitting image of her! I got to see her new house in SC, visit with her and her hubby too. We cooked together, played games, talked, gossiped, chatted (this consumed a lot of time ha), etc. The next day we went shopping at our old stomping grounds of gaffney, had a japanese dinner in shelby, and attended the homecoming game in Boiling Springs.

The weekend went way too fast... i couldn't be more grateful for our time together that weekend. for the years of friendship thus far. for the ease of our friendship. thats right - its just easy. We talk, we're honest with each other, we know when to say one of us is being stupid, unfair, or completely unrealistic. we also know when to just listen - thats most important. I can call her when i'm utterly happy! and when i'm unbelievable sad. Again, how great are old friends? Nothing beats them!

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