Wednesday, November 14, 2007


One of the best feelings, the older I get especially, is getting together with old friends. Husband and I have so many friends of all ages and geographically spread apart, but nothing beats the old comfort of friends who have known you longer than most and who you have a bond with unlike most others. Oct 12-14, we went to Washington DC for a weekend jaunt to meet up with Erin and Matt. Erin is one of my old BF's from college. Not just a BF but a roomie and one of my favorite people. After college, we somehow lost touch for a period of time but now, having reconnected, we haven't missed a beat since. Then being together, I was once again reminded of why we became such good friends in the first place. We just mesh well:-)

The trip was great. Stayed in a nice hotel, ate great food, talked and talked some more, toured the sights, did lots of walking, took pictures, and didn't have to get up too horribly early, even though Matt was probably pacing the floors waiting on the rest of us sleepyheads lol. He's the only morning person of the crew. The weekend went way too fast and the Sunday goodbye's came way too soon. We left with promises of making it a yearly tradition, one I feel we will definitely keep! Can't wait to do it again. Until then, we call, leave many long winded voicemails, write lengthy emails, and eventually catch one another sometimes and have a real phone conversation.

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