Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We rarely have visitors. Not because we don't want them (well most of the time thats not the reason). But because we live where we do - Philadelphia, PA. Most of my family is down south. Husband's family is all in Pittsburgh which is not far but they still don't travel the 5 hour treck often. His folks come once a year. Mine come once a year as well. We love the visits from the parents and hate to see them go. Another reason we don't have visitors often is again - because of where we live. Most of our friends are on average an hour away (philly's a big place) so we end up meeting halfway for lunch, dinner, or drinks. It works and then I don't have to scrub my house silly clean!

My parents came for their yearly visit Oct 5-9. We went shopping, toured Longwood Gardens, ate good food, saw the movie "Into the Wild", and did lots of chatting. That's what me and mom do - chat, talk, visit, and then do it some more. Longwood Garden's are truly beautiful, even in the fall. I was amazed by their organic vegetable gardens! That tour was right up my gardner parents alley.

The movie "Into the Wild" was just what I expected and more. Not only is a great film that I classify as a must see, but the message of the film is powerful. The movie tells the story of Christopher McCandless, a wandering soul who is searching for a greater life. He feels that life is waiting for him in the Alaskan wilderness. This true life story is an amazing and eventful one. I left there reminding myself that material things really hold little to no actual worth. Our happiness stems from our relationships and from love. I vow to be less materialistic. to value my relationships more. invest more time with others. love with my whole heart. stop spending money on pointless things. Again, the film is a must see.

We had dinner one night at Bonefish Grill in Exton, PA. Excellent food there as usual. I ordered one of the specials but regretted not ordering what husband did - the pistachio encrusted trout. That is my favorite dish there and the times I haven't ordered it, I've regretted it! I vow to stop trying new things there and stick with my love - the pistachio encrusted trout.

Parents departed Tuesday morning after I left for work. The treck back to TN is I-81 most of the way... horrible highway and too many trucks. But they had safe travels...

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