Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We've been busy traveling recently and I haven't had time to write. But I'm glad. We love traveling and doing new activities, seeing new areas, and meeting up with old friends.

Sept 21 we went to Connecticut for a long weekend of sight seeing and kayaking. Traffic in NYC was the norm for a friday night - total nightmare. We swore to one another, asking why we didn't go another way. Unfortunately, being stuck on the bridge, we had no option but to stick it out. Thankfully we made it to our dinner destination in Branford, CT. Dinner at Lenny's was amazing! Its a seafood joint down a couple small roads. It's not fancy or expensive and the food is great - so just our style! I had the Broth version of clam chowder and Husband had his usual New England clam chowder. Both were good but Husband's was great. I wish I could have ordered a cup of that but knew if I did, I wouldn't finish my dinner. Husband went with the fish and chips which he said were very good. We both agreed though - I outordered him! I had the Maryland crab cakes which were awesome. The perfect amounts of crab meat with breadcrumbs and perfectly matched spices. I LOVED my food.

We left there and drove up to Windsor, CT, just north of Hartford to stay overnight. Saturday morning we got going fairly early to do sightseeing of little villages and hit up some good new england tag sales. We scored a few good deals but mostly enjoyed seeing all the historic homes. Kayaking was great - so peaceful yet a good upper body workout too! We want to do this more often. The trip home was filled with CT backroads to get a real feel for the state. We loved what we saw and wish for our own center chimney home one day. Its always great to return home to Sammy and Nelly, our little pups. Well they're full grown but still our little ones we saw. Our kids. The four of us make up our family. Our happy little family...

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