Sunday, September 16, 2007


We watched the movie "Thank you for Smoking" on Friday night. I heard about the movie briefly way back when, then Friday it entered my brain somehow and I was dying to rent it. Its a very interesting movie - I definitely recommend it because its not your average drama, chic flick, or comedy. Its satire maybe? Whatever category - its interesting. The main character is a Lobbyist for the Tobacco Association, Vice President of the organization actually. He is their mouthpiece, defending tobacco products to politicians in DC, the general American public, and anyone else who'll listen, all while death rates from lung cancer continue to escalate. Interesting Fact - not one cigarette is smoked in the entire movie! You root for this guy throughout the entire flick.

The son questions the dad (main character) asking him "how do you do what you do dad?". His response is "I have a moral flexibility most other people don't have." I have morals. I have flexibility. Do the two mix? That's something I'm not sure about but this line in the movie stuck with me. It draws me to the point of being "open minded" and meaning it. Lots of people say they are open minded but - are they? Are they really? Or does it just sound good? I vow to continue being an open minded individual. Once our ideas and opinions are set in stone, to never change again - we don't open ourselves up for learning something new, seriously considering a varying point of view, or comprehending the other side. Another line in the movie says something like "I just don't take anything that seriously. Its not worth it." When I feel myself taking life too seriously - I'm going to recite that line to myself. In my life - I'm seeking happiness. Complete utter happiness. If I get caught up in the morals of others or take life too seriously, aren't I missing the point?

FYI - Last night, J called Husband. K, as it turns out, IS a steeler fanatic. yippee.

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