Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Monday, my lunch got pushed so far back in the work fridge, that by noon it was half frozen. I had to sit out in the sun staring at my delicious quinoa feta salad, till it thawed. No big deal... things happen I tell myself. No big deal...

Tuesday, I took another salad. At noon, I go to the before mentioned work fridge, get out salad, and search for dressing. I placed a bottle of dressing there two weeks ago for exactly this occasion. I fumble past soda cans, coffee creamer, year old mustard - no dressing! Who does this? Mess with other peoples stuff in the fridge? Someone who had a HUGE salad and needed my entire bottle? Someone who just thought it looked good and took it home to test? Someone who thought it was old (it wasn't) and tossed it out? Sigh. Anyway, I ate my salad plain - ugh. Not recommended.

Today (Wednesday), I take a salad again (yes, i should have known better) with the dressing already poured on. Definitely not recommended. Soggy lettuce for lunch - again, ugh. I just had to laugh - and its exactly what i did while shoving down the soggy ceasar soaked lettuce leaves. This made yesterdays plain salad seem like a good idea. Note to self - don't take salad for lunch. Take a sandwich, a frozen dinner, anything but salad!! Tomorrow, I think I'll go out for lunch.

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