Sunday, August 26, 2007


I've been reading blogs by authors I love and also my friends. I've been reading blogs of people who I barely know and those that probably don't even know me. I myself, have never blogged. I love to read. I love to journal. But I am by no means, a 'Writer'. So, the idea of blogging all my general day to day activities in a way which makes them sound actually interesting - no way. Blogging all my various opinions, goals, and aspirations for my life and the world in a way that would make sense - impossible. Many blog writings are addicting for me because they are a short story that eventually turns into a novel, and I just can't 'put it down' errr meaning, I can't look away from the cpu screen.

Today in the midst of trying to prepare for yet another week of work, another week of school, another week of life - I was thinking I need a way to get my feelings out. Put my thoughts down. Vent. Express. So, I came home from the hellish grocery shopping and created my very own blog. Yes, I have given in to this century's version of a public journal. When I was little, I wanted a little diary with very small lines on a page, a pink pen to write my innermost thoughts down in that little book and then the key to lock away all my words and keep them very private and close. But these days, it doesn't work that way. I like this version better. I perceive that to be more of who I am. A very open person. Thefore, I'm going to present my life as it is and my opinions as they are. I won't work to make it interesting or ensure it will make sense.

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