Thursday, February 5, 2009

believe it or not...

Normally, i avoid the office debates, that often result in disagreements and fueds. I always observe, get a good laugh, occasionally even hear a good point. About global warming, i did offer up my bit, briefly. Some folks say its total BS. Just some hollywood ploy. some scam to get you to buy other stuff. the environment is fine. live your life how you wanna. The other folks said no no. its true. haven't you read the books. seen the movies. looked at the scientific data. we are on a horrid path. ETC ETC ETC. I think they thought it would get a real rise out of me considering i use my klean kanteen faithfully. use real silverware and a real coffee mug, not the disposal crap they all throw out daily. bring my lunch in reusable containers. carry everything in cloth bags. I once let it out that we don't use paper towels at home. GASP. So, on this topic, they look to me, what do you think?

All i had to say was I'm no scientist. I guess there is a chance its hogwash. But theres an even better chance its not. Either way, I don't care. And if i found out tomorrow it wasn't true, i wouldn't do anything in my life differently. Because thats not what its about for me. For me, its about taking care of what God has given me/us. I simply want to be a good steward of what I have and the place i live. I think its only common sense to be smart with our resources and to take care of our earth. I look at the FACTS. It is a fact we only have ONE earth. and i look at my FAITH. My faith tells me this earth is God given.

"So, you're saying you believe it or not?" they ask. And i thought i was really making a point there. lol.

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Vicki said...

You crack me up! BTW, did you discontinue your "Expanding the Family" blog? I just went to check it and got a "blog not available" message :0(